Bring on that SNOW. ICE. SLEET. RAIN. SUB-ZERO TEMPS. you name it… bad weather #snowpocalypse – I’m ready for ya and so is #EGPkitchen !!!

Nothing better than a messy winter day spent inside wearing PJ’s and slippers… cuddling with puppies… watching NETFLIX & cooking up a storm! Cause that’s what we do in the south… COOK!

IMG_6873-1 IMG_6871IMG_6875

I decided that this morning called for my favorite pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter, dried cranberries, & ginger almond granola from Trader Joe’s. Of course you have to have bacon with pancakes so… #thathappened and it was fabulous! Thick hickory smoked bacon NOT over cooked… I really don’t like crispy bacon.

IMG_6860  IMG_6863

A 1.5 hour nap, a shower, a face mask, and 3 NETFLIX Law & Order SVU episodes later… it’s time for round 2!

Every good southern woman knows that winter storms are bigger than milk and bread… I mean really. Who started that horrible lie and tradition of running to the store for two of the most perishable food items in the world. (Not to mention one is refrigerated and if your power goes out – you’re screwed… unless you put it outside in the snow/ice/sludge). Just saying… what other days of the year do you just have milk and bread in case of a life threatening emergency. NEVER. But you should always have some frozen meat and random beans, corn, and tomato sauce in your pantry!!! Cause when life throws you snowballs… you can make some chili! OBVI!!!

I chose to go for a MEAT & 5 BEAN CHILI approach tonight…

I had a package of 99% lean ground turkey meat, added 6 strips of bacon chopped/torn, and 4 spicy sausage patties to my EMERIL pot with a little bit of EVOO.

I browned that and then added 1 chopped bell pepper, 3 cloves of chopped garlic, 1 chopped jalapeño, 1/2 red onion chopped, and a packet of spicy chili seasoning mix.

I then added:

2 cans of organic tomato sauce, 1 can of sweet corn, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of kidney beans, 1 can of northern beans, 1 can of spicy chili beans, and 1 can of pinto beans covered and let simmer on LOW LOW LOW for around 2 hours till we were ready to eat. I checked the pot for sticking every 30 min or so.

Top with Sriracha, lite sour cream, fresh parsley, and jack & cheddar cheese!

ENJOY! You will stay cozy and warm and SO much more satisfied eating this than eating bread cereal! Whatever that is!



Best part of this entire meal… My Instagram post was liked by none other than EMERIL himself! #BAM! #tagsdowork



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