On Tuesday (sometimes) we have salad!

The next FOODIE blog for #EGPkitchen is here! I lucked out at… you guessed it – TRADER JOE’S! I decided that this Tuesday called for a bit of spring – salad, that is since the majority of the country is under gray skies and winter weather. Nashville has been dreary all morning, but as soon as I made this salad the sun came out and now I’m heading out the door to hike the park with my Ginger girl.

First I will leave you with the “how-to” #DIY on this amazing lunch – A twist on a beet salad…

IMG_6743You will need the following:

  • BEETS – BEETS ARE NOT SCARY. Your fingers may get stained, you could splatter juice on your clothes, and yes, your pee may even run red or pink (do not be alarmed), but beets are not to be avoided at all costs. There are too many amazing meals waiting for a good beet!
    • I get a bag from TJ’s or buy them at the farmer’s market by the bunch (stalks need to be trimmed or cut off). It’s great to roast beets at night, then chill them to have anytime you want for snacks or salads!
    • Rinse the beets (no need to peel – peels are a source of fiber and very tender). Place in foil and cover with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, himalayan sea salt, and ground pepper. Wrap up and place on a baking pan in the oven on 450 for 40 min or until a knife pierces easily.
    • Place beets AND the juice / EVOO mixture collected in the foil into a Tupperware container or Pyrex covered dish to store in the fridge (The extra juice and EVOO will become your salad dressing base ).
  • PANCETTA – sauté with a little extra himalayan sea salt, ground pepper, and the rest of the “dressing” (beet juice & EVOO) into the pan and heat/cook on simmer/low for 12 min or so.
  • MIXED GREENS – rinse & drain greens
  • FETA CHEESE – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TJ’s Feta in Brine… i used 3 slices of the cheese to criss-cross as an accent.
  • BLOOD ORANGES – 1/4 of an orange for additional garnish and “dressing”
  • BALSAMIC – I used TJ’s Balsamic to garnish the salad once plated.
  • ENJOY!!!
  • LET ME KNOW – how your version turns out in your kitchen!

IMG_6733 IMG_6735IMG_6736IMG_6738IMG_6739IMG_6742


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