Welcome to the 2015 Detroit Auto Show #NAIAS

Photo Jan 22, 4 03 02 PM

It’s been a busy weekend for me enjoying all things in the automotive world! I have loved being front and center in Detroit’s Motor City for the 2015 #NAIAS North American International Auto Show! Everything you could want to know about cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, MOPAR, and MORE under one roof… everything diesel, electric, gas… BUCKLE UP!

Photo Jan 22, 2 34 34 PM

Photo Jan 22, 3 04 34 PMPhoto Jan 22, 4 23 36 PMPhoto Jan 22, 3 06 05 PMPhoto Jan 22, 3 42 43 PMPhoto Jan 22, 3 14 23 PMPhoto Jan 22, 3 07 10 PM

I arrived on Thursday afternoon for a jam-packed tour of one of the most impressive show rooms I’ve ever seen. Meeting the locals and the visitors who oooh’d and aaah’d over each rim, leather seat, engine, tire, chrome lift bar, hemi, you name it… I was there with #NashTV and we are here now to take you behind the scenes with video and photos galore!

         Photo Jan 22, 4 15 11 PM  Photo Jan 22, 3 55 58 PMPhoto Jan 23, 6 26 25 AM Photo Jan 23, 6 44 18 AM Photo Jan 23, 7 03 05 AM
By Friday morning, I was sharing everything I’d seen on air with @americasmorning on #NashFM AND I was backstage with Good Morning America @GMA and @ginger_zee for the Friday GMA show LIVE from the floor of the Detroit Auto Show!
it was definitely the place to be this weekend. So thrilled to have been there to bring you the updates!
Photo Jan 23, 7 49 00 AM
I never thought I would be so connected to cars ever in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed a hot sports car, remember watching some auto auctions in my lifetime, and my grandfather and uncle have really cool older model cars.

But thanks to many wonderful clients, like FAIRWAY FORD Lincoln, & Subaru, I have found my way around on TV screens regionally and nationally talking about cars and the relationships we have with them.

Photo Jan 22, 3 52 28 PM

 If it’s the sports car and a need for speed, or the new SUV for a growing family, the truck for the sports guy and outdoorsman, or a first 4-door good gas mileage car for a college student… you can find what you need… when you need it… #LOCAL!


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