“life is too short to eat on paper plates.”

Over the last year with BOTH of my siblings and a best friend or two “tying the knot”, I have looked at A LOT of registries. These are the never ending lists online or at stores that you have seen movies make fun of for decades… you know the kind. Couple in store, guy begrudgingly being dragged along as girl takes price gun points and shoots bar codes on every kitschy thing imaginable. From can openers to blenders to the pastel KitchenAid mixer you “HAVE TO HAVE” on your countertop.

PAUSE. Have you EVER tried to clean one of those things?! No wonder they just sit and look pretty! Many of the gadgets get purchased but inevitably what’s left are place settings of fine bone china at $149.99 a set or something.

I like china. Didn’t know if I ever really wanted something that matchy – matchy as to seat comfortably 12+ persons x 5 pieces of china each at a table and then be forced to HAND WASH everything at the end of the dinner! BUT THAT was before my #yearofthe30 .  Frankly, I’m sad I haven’t had some of the best meals of my life on china! Well, that’s going to change!

As I have approached this serendipitously significant year, my Mom, Grandma, friends etc… have asked, “Do you have a registry or something where we could know what you might need or want? Do you have all the things for your kitchen or apt?”

And so it happened that I began to craft a registry… GASP! First it was just awkward because most of the registries assume you are getting married or having a baby, but this was a IT’S MY FABULOUS LIFE registry (they need to create a button).

I started building multiple registries at different stores. Bed Bath & Beyond won out in the end with the most products of my liking and namely, my china pattern(s) though I still was not completely sold on the whole everything has to match thing. I’m a HUGE fan of mixed metals in general, so to ask me to select a white china pattern with ONLY gold OR silver was torture. I had screen shots piled on my home screen for hours trying to decide if the pattern “goes”. Would I get tired of it?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 1.52.07 PM

I finally narrowed it down to the 4 screen shots below… only visually taking in details. Not yet worrying about price (per usual). I decided the Noritake, Waterford, Mikasa, and Kate Spade were definitely the way to go and would give me the most creativity with mixing patterns. I wanted the flexibility of 16 place settings, 4 of each pattern.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 12.09.29 PM

I proceed to the website and what to my wondering eye did appear, but a SALE sign on 2 of the 4 china patterns I had chosen!

At first glance I thought I read it wrong, but the Noritake china (bottom right in photo) was on sale for $39.99 a place setting! 100 bucks OFF! WOAH! So much for registering for these! They were going to be GONE!!! I could get 4 place settings for the price of ONE Kate Spade (bottom left with silver dots). I immediately put them in the shopping cart and added my two 20% off BB&B coupons and got free shipping! $140.00 and 5 days later I got the call from my leasing office to pick up some very large fragile packages that had been delivered by FedEx and I knew what they were immediately!

Off I go to grab a cart and collect my first shipments of FINE BONE CHINA!!! I am an adult after all!


I’m still registered for the Kate Spade and Waterford patterns (bottom left and top left), but I got my first 8 place settings for less than $280.00 total and plan to add some sparkle to my next girl’s night! I’m convinced my food will look and taste better complimented by finer things!

Here’s to creating your glamour… because life is too short to eat on paper plates! #EGPGlitter


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