Perfectly Peppered Pappardelle Pasta

I have been out of town for the Holidays for almost 2.5 weeks… I got back to Nashville and realized how sad my fridge looked last night… I basically ate hummus with a spoon!

SO… I stopped by my favorite place today to rectify that situation – Trader Joe’s… It. Was. A. ZOO! I braved the lines and the picked-over shelves in order to grab a few essentials plus a few fun items to try this week.

Today was sunny, but only the high of 30 or so and pasta just sounded so yummy.

I decided to try TJ’s Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Pasta. I had a great bottle of Theros Olive Oil from my foodie friend Anna and it’s been begging to be used! I was actually on the phone with Anna when I began the prep process for tonight.

Anna asked if I had any bacon or pancetta on hand… UM, don’t I always (she taught me so well)! I decided to sauté (in my NEW Emeril sauce pan) about a 1/3 of the package of pancetta, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, salt & pepper, 1/4 chopped red onion, 1/2 cup chopped baby bella mushrooms, and the juice of 1/2 a Meyer lemon. LOW heat is key (as my brother, Adam, aka: another closeted chef) likes to remind me. He would be happy to know that I DID NOT burn or sear any grime to my new stainless steel pieces of cookware!


In another pot I began boiling 3-4 quarts of water for the package of pasta adding a splash of EVOO (NOT the Theros – as it’s only recommended for drizzling as a flavorful EVOO, not heating).

The pasta was done in no time as was the sauté pan. I drained and rinsed the pasta and put it in a stainless bowl and topped with the sautéed ingredients and one bunch of chopped fresh basil and tossed with the Theros EVOO.


I grabbed my “BLATE” as I like to call it … some sort of Bowl/Plate combo and plated a serving topping it with Pecorino Romano cheese shavings, Himalayan sea salt & cracked pepper, and a fine drizzle of TJ’s Balsamic Glaze – with which I love to accent everything. You should try it. You’re welcome.

Devine. It’s pasta. It’s LIGHT and lemon-y and very much a dish that leaves you feeling satisfied, but not heavy and too full.

Total calories… prob. 490 with the portion I consumed.

Total time… 30 min. (and i was on the phone and sort of watching The Bachelor)

If you want pasta… EAT IT. So many of my girlfriends talk in passing, “OMG… like, the last time I had pasta was like, NEVERago.” UM… It’s not just Chef Boyardee that knows what’s up… just saying!

Create your Kitchen! Get satisfied… life’s too short to eat bad food.



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