2015 #NEWyear #betterME

SO… Yeah, WOW… it’s 2015!!!

Everyone always says as you get older, time flies. Now I believe it. This is my “old” year also known as… the most fabulous year of life I have yet to live!!! Cannot wait for all that is my “dirty thirty”!

I’m trying to remember what I said I would be doing at this point… what kind of cars I thought would be flying around in the air, the dreams and expectations breathed through time are both hilarious and inspiring to me.

TIME. we all have been “given,” though not guaranteed, the same amount of TIME. In this new year we have 365 days to create, find, build, encourage, a better version of one’s self while seeking to do good around us. Looking for all the ways we can be fulfilled while filling up others around us. Who are we here to meet? What are we called to do?

It’s a #NEWyear and I’m out to create a #betterME. Making new life choices for myself personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, etc is exciting! I can’t wait to discover all that this year has to offer and where God will take me on this journey!


One thought on “2015 #NEWyear #betterME

  1. Erika it’s been pretty neat watching your journey on fb. If you continue to search God’s will in your life He will take you where you need to go. A Godly women is s blessing to everyone she touches. May you continue to search God’s word for His will in your life. Happy New Year!

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